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Preserve Valuable Artwork and Photos with Museum Matting and Conservation Glass. Mat boards are deemed acid-free when the mat boards have been bathed in calcium carbonate neutralizing the acid on the mat board. This treatment slows the degradation of the lignin, but it does degrade over time. Museum mat boards are made of 100% cotton. Cotton, unlike wood, contains no lignin at all. Combined with archival framing methods, your artwork will be preserved for hundreds of years. This is the option museums and collectors choose when framing photographs and artwork and is the most expensive option.

Products & Services

  • Museum & Conservation Framing
    man standing in front of pictures in a museum
  • Corporate Recognition & Art & Framing
  • Shadowboxes
  • Frame Mirrors to Sizes
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Digital Photo Restoration
  • +
  • Replacement Glass
    • Museum Grade (Reflection Free with UV protection)
    • Reflection Free
    • Reflection Control
    • Clear
    • Museum
  • Original Art
  • We offer a wide variety of Prints, Posters, Limited Editions, and Fine Art Pieces featuring African-American Art, Traditional Art, and Artistic Photography.
  • Consultations and Delivery available for government agencies
  • RUSH ORDERS are Welcome

Have your crafts professionally framed
to compliment your hard work.

framed and mounted embroidery

Select from our assortment of Prints, Posters, Limited Editions, and Fine Art Pieces. Have it custom framed to suit your taste.

framed Charles Bibbs print of an african-american woman holding a bouquet of lillies

We Design and Build Frames to Compliment Art

This is an example of how we created a shadowbox to compliment this original three dimensional scrap-metal art masterpiece.

two pieces of wood that will be pieced together to make a frame
two different pieces of frame material placed next to each other to demonstrate how they would look together
custom frame made up of two different pieces of frame material combined to create a trimmed frame look
custom framed scrap metal art laying on a workbench
custom framed scrap metal art upright

Photo Restoration

From This

torn faded man's photo

To This

restored man's photo


framed man's photo

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