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The images below represent what is currently in stock. If you would like to purchase or have questions about a particular piece, please contact us the phone number listed above or email us at Sheri@Frame-Art-Gallery.com

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Cirneval Di Roma” - Bill Hickman

Orig. Oil - 44”x32”

Price: $495.00

Cupid”- Nicolas Serov

Orig. Oil Framed - 28”x32”

Price: $375.00

Cathedral of The Sacred Sacred Heart - Parks Duffey

25”x31” Framed Print

Price: $100.00

Morning Light of Tuscanny

Nancy O’Toole

Canvas Transfer Framed

27”x29”  Price: $150.00

Lady in Waiting - Yullei Gregg

Oil on Canvas 28”x33”

Price: $425.00

Summer Vase

Canvas Transfer w/Heavy Brush Strokes 13”x15”

Price: $95.00

Portrait of A Lady - Larry Denson

Oil on Canvas 17”x20”

Price: $125.00

Butterfly Flowers -

Butterfly & Moth Wings 21”x24”

Price: $200.00


Framed Print

Price: $40.00

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The Lords Family Tree

27.5”x40.25” Framed Print

Price: $200.00